Little Warriors

Ages 3-6

Ages 3-6 Our lifestyle curriculum focuses on self-control, listening, and following directions. Children will also focus on polite greetings and working cooperatively with partners. The main goal is to learn self-control and focus in a group setting. 1 United Mixed Martial Arts classes are designed so children can develop visual, spatial, and body awareness.



Ages 7-12

1 United Mixed Martial Arts curriculum is designed to foster success in children through safe, fun, and exciting classes. The classes instill a positive winning attitude in each child. They will gain an "I will do my best!" attitude and never shy away from a challenge. Students can expect to gain self-confidence, discipline, respect for others, a high level of physical fitness, and invaluable self-defense skills. Students will learn boxing, kickboxing, no Gi grappling, Muay Thai and Taekwondo. They will also build strength, stability, and cardiovascular conditioning through fun and exciting games and drills.



 Ages 13-16

We teach teens with respect and the most fun mixed Martial Arts. The curriculum is fun, realistic, and teenagers love it! 1 United Mixed  Martial Arts is a place where young men and women work hard and strive to improve in all areas of their lives.




Adult programs at 1 United Mixed Martial Arts are high energy fitness  classes taught by Sensei Yusuf and instructor Ibrahim. The classes will  help maximize calorie burn and sculpt the body while boosting endurance and helping gain confidence. Whether you want to lose weight, learn to fight, defend yourself, or simply want to burn the day’s stress away, 1 United Mixed Martial Arts classes are for you! Techniques include punching, kicking, bag work, focus mitts, circuit training, grappling, and many more. The variety in each class will keep you motivated because the possibilities are limitless. You will NOT be bored! All skill levels are welcome because our classes modified for your safety. We are 1 United Mixed Martial Arts and we are not here to just get fit but Pro-F1t!